Wednesday, July 24, 2013

questions I've been asked recently--part II

So, Sweden? That's cool.
I'm glad you think so! But I'm going to Switzerland.
Swaziland? Wow, exotic!!!
hahaha, no. I'm going to Switzerland.
Ohhhhh... Sound of Music, huh?
errr, that's Austria. Switzerland is next to it, bordered by France, Germany, Italy... oh, never mind. I'm going to Europe.
Great! Europe is wonderful. You're going to love it.
thanks. :)

You leave in less than 20 days. are you ready?


what, you were expecting a different answer? *

I can't believe you're leaving! Will you Skype/call me every day?
um. no?
WHY NOT?!?!?
because I would love to talk to you! but I really am on exchange to learn about a culture, language, country, and people different from my own... which means that being online or on the phone constantly would undermine that :P
there is, also, the small matter of the 90-day rule.
The 90 day what?
the 90 day rule. it's a rule set up by Rotary for exchange students. basically, it states that you cannot Skype or call anyone from your home country (with the exception of your parents, when you get there) for the first 90 days.
so, if you'd like to talk to me on exchange, I'd love to talk to you too! shoot me an email, though. or send me a letter. I love letters. and I promise to reply if you send me one.
But I'm no good at writing letters.
great! now is the perfect time to learn. 

How's your German coming along?
oh no, not this question again.
My German is... passable. hopefully. I can understand the written emails my host mom sends me, and I can respond (with Google Translate as my editor, haha) in simple sentences. that said, I can't understand German spoken at full speed unless it's repeated, and I'm fairly sure my pronunciation is atrocious. thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities to practice in the next few months!

take pictures!!!
I will do that! (I also intend to sketch madly in the next couple of months, so expect to see plenty of awkward doodling on this blog soon.) Switzerland is beautiful and I can't wait to see it in person!

*see this post.

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