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my name is hannah. in my junior year of high school, i traveled to switzerland as part of rotary's youth exchange program and stayed there for approximately 9-12 months.

this blog chronicled my adventures there.

i'm now in my senior year, still blogging on and off and filling you in on life post exchange.

this blog covers practically two years of pre-exchange, exchanging, and post-exchanging. if you're interested in rotary, in switzerland, in exchange, or in anything else related to this blog, please don't hesitate to contact me!

love love love,

note: all pictures, photos, writing, etc. are my own (unless otherwise stated specifically). please don't copy them unless you have permission from me. thank you so much!


  1. Hi Hannah! This is Emma Coffey, I used to be apart of voice lessons with you. I love your blog, Switzerland looks breath taking! I'm putting in an application for the rotary youth exchange, but I want to keep my 4.0 GPA. Is there a way that I can still get good grades while living in another country for a year?

    1. Emma!
      I haven't seen you in a long time... so hello :) and thank you!
      First of all, I'm really excited that you're applying for RYE. It's quite honestly one of the best exchange programs around.
      Secondly, I hate to say this--but it really does depend on the circumstances. The language, the level of fluency, the country you go to, and your school here can all change what your grades look like (or whether they even count as credit.) If you get accepted into the program, I would ask your YEO (youth exchange officer) and the past exchange students what they've done and whether they got credit for the year. Europe tends to have a better credit transfer than South America, for example.
      That said, if good grades are a dealbreaker for you, you should probably think about whether you actually want to go on exchange and why. I'm in the same boat, because I've never gotten anything lower than a C in my entire life, and I know how you feel... but the fact is that school in another language is WAY harder than you think it'll be. :P
      I think Rotary is amazing, but maybe don't plan on getting credit or good grades. Try your best, work your tail off, and plan for the worst. If you get all the credit, hooray!
      Did that help at all? I'll probably do a post this month about school on exchange and how it's working for me :)

  2. Hello, Hannah! I'm following the link from your polyvore profile. I'd been away from the site for so long, I came back and found your comment which is like two years ago! lol I'm Mew, by the way. I'm from Thailand. Nice to meet you. Visiting Switzerland is one of my dream. Hope all is well with you. Take care :)


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