Tuesday, July 9, 2013

days < 40 -- summering

piece of advice for future outbounds #3:
don't forget that your life here has its rewards too. enjoy the moment.

the reason that this post is so severely overdue is that i have been making the most of my summer. summer camps and parties and sunshine are beautiful things.
unfortunately, that also means that i have been forgetting to post as often as i should. sorry about that.

things to celebrate in the past 10 (ish) days:
  • i can now solve a rubik's cube. ridiculously proud of myself.
  • summer bucket list:  going to summer camp? check. rafting through rapids? check. rafting through rapids, except without a raft? check. i'm doing well on this, you guys. now if i can only find someone to go cliffjumping with me...*
  • i can read a book in german! sort of. if reading means that you have the general idea of what happened.  and that it's a book you've already read. and that you have google translate nearby just in case. but still.
  • i can now say that i've watched star wars. this is a cultural milestone.
  • worked at VBS... helping with little kids is so, so rewarding. there were definitely some difficulties, but on the whole i'm glad i had the opportunity to help.

*just kidding. cliffjumping isn't actually on my list. neither is stormchasing or paragliding, in case you were wondering. **

**although now that I think about it, those do sound really fun. ***

***but they can wait. i'd rather be alive during my exchange year. ;)


  1. ummm, who says you haven't found anyone to go cliff jumping with you??!!

    1. Emily--read the footnotes. footnotes are an integral part of my post. ;)

      but in all seriousness, we should do something together before I leave. except, maybe not cliffjumping?


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