Wednesday, December 25, 2013

on the twelfth day of christmas

and a new look at bloomability

(and with this post, it draws to an end... )

one of the most important things i've learned here is to live in the present. life is so different when you know that you will only be spending a year somewhere-- relationships are built faster, people change quicker, adventures are made instantly because you know, you KNOW that this time does not last forever.

and that is sad.
but because it doesn't,
it gives you all the more reason to make the most of the time you have.
i have to say that i rely on the "extra" time i have all the time when i'm at home. i say i'll do or make or see something when i'm older, or when i have more time, or when i have more money. and it is easy to say because i know that there is a possibility.
but when i am here, that possibility does not exist.
even when i grow up and if i come back, i will never have a year quite like this again.
it makes me laugh that i had to come all the way to Switzerland to realize this. and yet it's true. i shouldn't base everything on saving money, or on being successful, or on saving time. 
because yes, those are important. but often we place way too much value on them. 
more than they are really worth.

because memories, and relationships, and growth, are also worth a lot.

and so i've learned to live in the moment.
to make every effort i can.
to bloom.

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