Wednesday, December 25, 2013

on the eleventh day of christmas

on the eleventh day of christmas
my exchange gave to me
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so one thing that exchange has taught me is that i need to question things. i need to question the things that i have always taken for granted, that have always been a part of me. because other people see the world differently. and meeting those people causes me to get a new perspective on how our world works.
i come from a homeschooled-christian-rightwing sort of environment (although my family has always, always encouraged me to ask questions and challenge them), and so i've been taught ABOUT the world. but that doesn't mean at all that i am an expert on it.
the problem is, reading books about bikes and wind current and the structure of the wheel only gets you so far-- eventually you have to learn to ride the bike yourself, without help.
and it works the same way with the world.
i've met gays and mormons and atheists and catholics and liberals and conservatives now, and what's more i am friends with them. i am friends with them, and they are forcing me to ask questions. i believe in my faith, and i support it fully, but i have to ask myself what to do. how to respond when the world hits me.
and so far i haven't figured out that much that is black and white, exactly right or exactly wrong all the time.
but the one thing that i realize is that at the core,
we are all people.
and meeting these people gives me questions to ask,
and that is okay.

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