Monday, March 17, 2014

days > 210 -- speaking

piece of advice for exchange students #25:
one day, you will wake up and find 
that you have gained more than simply the ability 
to communicate in another language.
you have gained the ability to make yourself heard.

a couple of instances (all right, more than a couple) in the past couple days have brought me to the realization that I am capable of much more than I think, communication-wise.
this doesn't mean that i am native-fluent-level in the language, as much as i wish :( but i am able to communicate my feelings and my thoughts and my ideas in German and in Swiss German. and while it is still an enormous challenge, i can do it. i can speak my own words in my own voice in another language. i can make myself heard.

things i've done in the past 10-ish days (the past meaning before 20 days... again, i'm still working on updating this blog in a timely fashion):
  • found out that my artwork (a school project) was one of a few nominated for an international comics festival contest. so that was exciting.
  • got published in my school's newspaper! i'm actually super happy about this, although it was rather embarrassing when the paper first came out. my piece was originally written in german literature class when my teacher had to find something for me to do... it describes my life at the beginning of my exchange and my feelings both before and after the first three months. and my german teacher wanted to print it in the paper!
  • went to Neuchatel (french part) and explored a castle with my friend James. also we played chess.
  • and it wasn't actually that bad!
  • survived the week before vacations. it involved a presentation and four tests. oh, and speaking of the presentation...
  • ... I mentioned this briefly in my last update, but I successfully made a presentation with my friend in music class. it involved a demonstration, a powerpoint, several printout sheets, and an oral part of about 10 minutes... not that big of a deal for me in English, but HUGE in German. I'm exceedingly proud of myself for writing it (although really, he did all the editing of my horrible German grammar, so he's the one who should feel truly proud haha.)
  • i also received the compliment of my life when he told me I should stop using the internet to translate because my German was better than Google's. day. made.
  • (okay, so I'm not absolutely sure if that's true or not. but it still made me happy.)
en fin :)

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