Monday, March 3, 2014

days > 190 -- enjoying

piece of advice for future exchange students #23:
sometimes, life turns out to be pretty amazing.
love it to the utmost.

(also, sleeping is mostly optional.)

things that i've done in the last 10ish days:
  • oh, okay. Tessin/Ticino is the Italian part of Switzerland. it is the most beautiful part ever. and my friend Sarah's host family has a vacation house there and they invited me to stay with them for three days!!! and basically it was wonderful and beautiful and I am in love with Italian.
  • deep talks till 2am = happiness. (yes. that is indeed what we did every night. it was good.)
  • met all the newbies at Engelberg weekend! that was fun. I love aussies. and kiwis. and our newbie latinos. 
  • Engelberg weekend. smiles for days. 
  • ...and probably one of the best weekends I've had this far, simply because by this time we're all friends. No, by this time we're basically family. a sometimes-difficult, sometimes-confusing, full-of-differences family... but a family nonetheless.

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