Tuesday, February 4, 2014

days > 170 -- stalling

piece of advice for exchange students #21:
work with what you've got. ;)

the change of families and villages has practically given me a different life now... i spend my time way differently. one rule that my mum has is that i can't travel outside of the Basel region during the week. Which, considering that i'm used to traveling as much as possible, was (and is) a bit of a struggle for me.

but at the same time, there are multiple things i've learned:
a) if you aren't picky, there's a surprisingly large amount of things you can do to keep yourself occupied in one city.
b) also, sometimes friends are wonderful and upon hearing that you can't go visit them, they will come and visit you. it's a nice feeling to have someone take an hour-long train ride just to come hang out.
c) when your travel days are limited to weekends (and only one day per weekend) and you plan extremely carefully, there's a surprising amount of things that fit into one day.
d) make the most of your days.
because really, they all count. and who knows what the next city or family or life change will look like

things i've done in the past 10ish days:

  • basel has all these little skits/shows/performances that go before their carnival (fasnacht... look it up!) it was surprisingly fun and i was thrilled to find that i understood a lot of it... especially considering that it was all in the strongest baseldeutsch i've ever heard. ever.
  • i went to a snow white ballet. that was lovely.
  • also thank goodness that ballets don't have words because i think i would have trouble understanding a baseldeutsch ballet
  • i went and saw the international balloon festival in the french part of switzerland! it was gorgeous and we ended up accidentally meeting about 30 different exchange students i'd never seen before. that was fun.
  • I saw Frozen with my (old host family) little sister, and I also got to see my old host family again. i miss them a lot, more than i'd thought i would. it was nice!
  • Frozen is, by the way, pretty awesome.
  • also the newbies came.
  • ahhh newbies i'm so excited :)
that's all for now... i did some other things last week, but they'll come in the next update because technically i did them in the 170+ days of my exchange :P

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