Sunday, November 3, 2013

october's lovely links

this made me laugh: a map displaying what these countries lead the world in. 
one of my friends posted this on facebook. It's an infographic from Huffington Post which displays 50 facts about the world and its languages. Although, speaking as one who is learning the language, German doesn't actually seem THAT similar to English...
you guys have probably figured out that I am addicted to lovely quotes. Here are 20 inspiring quotes on travel (complete with pictures).
for those of you who enjoy laughing at art (or those of you who actually appreciate it) here is Ursus Wehrli. He tidies up art.
Oh, but if you don't want to watch the 15 minute video, you can read a short article about it here.
I can totally relate to the frustrated-when-people-mix-up-Sweden-with-Switzerland thing, but apparently the Swedes have taken it to another level and are campaigning so that China can tell them apart...
and lastly, I leave you with an Emergency Button. You are welcome. :)

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